Hartford-Brainard Airport Master Plan Update


Hartford-Brainard Airport (HFD), owned by the State of Connecticut, is a general aviation (GA) airport located near downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Corporate travel, flight training, recreational flights, and many other aviation activities take place at HFD. Across the 201 acres, there are two paved runways, one turf runway, and two helipads, with hangars and parking available for over 200 aircraft. The most recent Airport Master Plan was completed in 1999. Much of the data used to develop the former plan are outdated, and the aviation industry and region that the HFD serves have changed since 1999. Read more...

A Airport Master Plan (AMP) provides long-range recommendations for the improvement and development of an airport by determining how well the airport meets today's demands and identifying needed improvements to accommodate growth over the next 20 years. The AMP will review national and local trends that may affect the aviation activity, such as market rates, federal regulations, and new technologies. This study will also evaluate airport sustainability initiatives for creating green initiatives to improve energy efficiency and reduce the airport's impact on the community and its environment as it advances in the new century.

The products of an AMP consist of a narrative report and a set of drawings called the Airport Layout Plan (ALP), which identify, schedule, and illustrate all major projects anticipated at the Airport within the 20-year planning period. An approved ALP is the prerequisite for an airport to qualify for federal funding assistance. Thus, updates to the ALP and AMP are periodically conducted to provide justification for future development at an airport.

In addition this AMP includes several specialty topics included the following: